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  • Eslam, M., McLeod, D., Kelaeng, K., Mangia, A., Berg, T., Thabet, K., Irving, W., Dore, G., Sheridan, D., Gronbaek, H., Booth, D., Weltman, M., Douglas, M., Liddle, C., George, J., et al (2017). IFN-(lambda)3, not IFN-(lambda)4, likely mediates IFNL3-IFNL4 haplotype-dependent hepatic inflammation and fibrosis. Nature Genetics. 49 (5) , 795-800. [More Information]

  • Awan, Z., Tay, E., Eyre, N., Wu, L., Beard, M., Boo, I., Drummer, H., George, J., Douglas, M. (2016). Calsyntenin-1 mediates hepatitis C virus replication. The Journal of General Virology. 97 (8) , 1877-1887. [More Information]
  • Eslam, M., Mangia, A., Berg, T., Chan, H., Irving, W., Dore, G., Abate, M., Bugianesi, E., Adams, L., Najim, M., Weltman, M., Rahme, A., Booth, D., Liddle, C., Douglas, M., van der Poorten, D., George, J., White, R., Leung, R., et al (2016). Diverse impacts of the rs58542926 E167K variant in TM6SF2 on viral and metabolic liver disease phenotypes. Hepatology. 64 (1) , 34-46. [More Information]
  • Eslam, M., Hashem, A., Romero-Gomez, M., Berg, T., Dore, G., Mangia, A., Chan, H., Irving, W., Sheridan, D., Abate, M., Weltman, M., Kelaeng, K., Ahlenstiel, G., Liddle, C., Douglas, M., Booth, D., George, J., et al (2016). FibroGENE: A gene-based model for staging liver fibrosis. Journal of Hepatology. 64 (2) , 390-398. [More Information]

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  • O'Connor, K., Read, S., Wang, M., Schibeci, S., Eslam, M., Ong, A., Weltman, M., Douglas, M., Mazzola, A., Craxi, A., Stewart, G., Liddle, C., George, J., Ahlenstiel, G., Booth, D., et al (2016). IFNL3/4 genotype is associated with altered immune cell populations in peripheral blood in chronic hepatitis C infection. Genes and Immunity. 17 (6) , 328-334. [More Information]
  • Sheridan, D., Hajarizadeh, B., Fenwick, F., Matthews, G., Applegate, T., Douglas, M., Neely, D., Askew, B., Dore, G., George, J., et al (2016). Maximum levels of hepatitis C virus lipoviral particles are associated with early and persistent infection. Liver International. 36 (12) , 1774-1782. [More Information]
  • Thabet, K., Asimakopoulos, A., Shojaei, M., Romero-Gomez, M., Mangia, A., Irving, W., Berg, T., Dore, G., Gronbaek, H., Sheridan, D., White, R., Douglas, M., Liddle, C., van der Poorten, D., George, J., Eslam, M., et al (2016). MBOAT7 rs641738 increases risk of liver inflammation and transition to fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C. Nature Communications. 7 , 1-8. [More Information]

  • Swaminathan, S., Dunckley, H., Ojaimi, S., Ling, M., Fulcher, D., Young, S., Kok, J., Douglas, M. (2015). Author reply: To PMID 25041771. Internal Medicine Journal. 45 (2) , 234-235. [More Information]
  • Read, S., Tay, E., Shahidi, M., O'Connor, K., Booth, D., George, J., Douglas, M. (2015). Hepatitis C Virus Driven AXL Expression Suppresses the Hepatic Type I Interferon Response. PloS One. 10 (8) , 1-16. [More Information]
  • Sublette, V., Hopwood, M., George, J., Smith, S., Perry, K., McCaffery, K., Douglas, M. (2015). Instrumental support to facilitate hepatitis C treatment adherence: Working around shortfalls in shared-care. Psychology, Health and Medicine. 20 (2) , 186-197. [More Information]

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  • Eslam, M., Hashem, A., Leung, R., Romero-Gomez, M., Berg, T., Dore, G., Chan, H., Irving, W., Sheridan, D., Abate, M., Weltman, M., Douglas, M., Liddle, C., Booth, D., George, J., Ahlenstiel, G., et al (2015). Interferon-λ rs12979860 genotype and liver fibrosis in viral and non-viral chronic liver disease. Nature Communications. 6 , 1-10. [More Information]
  • Keighley, C., Hamor, P., Chen, S., Watts, M., Douglas, M., Kok, J., O'Sullivan, M., Mitchell, D., Packham, D., Sorrell, T., Iredell, J. (2015). Modern technology and infectious diseases activity data: how can we use this for service planning?. Internal Medicine Journal. 45 (6) , 688-688. [More Information]
  • Rauff, B., Douglas, M. (2015). Role of fibrogenic and inflammatory cytokines in HCV-induced fibrosis. Future Virology. 10 (12) , 1307-1319. [More Information]
  • Sublette, V., Smith, S., George, J., McCaffery, K., Douglas, M. (2015). The Hepatitis C treatment experience: Patients' perceptions of the facilitators of and barriers to uptake, adherence and completion. Psychology & Health. 30 (8) , 987-1004. [More Information]
  • Read, S., Tay, E., Shahidi, M., McLauchlan, J., George, J., Douglas, M. (2015). The Mechanism of Interferon Refractoriness During Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Its Reversal with a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor [alpha] Agonist. Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research. 35 (6) , 486-497. [More Information]

  • Douglas, M., Esmaili, S., George, J. (2014). A new role for IKK-alpha in Hepatitis C virus induced lipogenesis. Hepatology. 59 (5) , 2046-2049. [More Information]
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  • Eltahla, A., Tay, E., Douglas, M., White, P. (2014). Cross-genotypic examination of hepatitis C virus polymerase inhibitors reveals a novel mechanism of action for thumb binders. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 58 (12) , 7215-7224. [More Information]

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  • Shahidi, M., Tay, E., Read, S., Ramezani-Moghadam, M., Chayama, K., George, J., Douglas, M. (2014). Endocannabinoid CB1 antagonists inhibit hepatitis C virus production, providing a novel class of antiviral host-targeting agents. Journal of General Virology. 95 (11) , 2468-2479. [More Information]
  • Sivagnanam, S., van der Poorten, D., Douglas, M. (2014). Hepatic lesions and eosinophilia in an urban dweller. Liver International. 34 (4) , 643-643. [More Information]
  • O'Connor, K., Parnell, G., Patrick, E., Ahlenstiel, G., Suppiah, V., van der Poorten, D., Read, S., Leung, R., Douglas, M., Yang, J., Stewart, G., Liddle, C., George, J., Booth, D. (2014). Hepatic metallothionein expression in chronic hepatitis C virus infection is IFNL3 genotype-dependent. Genes and Immunity. 15 (2) , 88-94. [More Information]
  • Read, S., Tay, E., Shahidi, M., George, J., Douglas, M. (2014). Hepatitis C virus infection mediates cholesteryl ester synthesis to facilitate infectious particle production. The Journal of General Virology. 95 (9) , 1900-1910. [More Information]
  • O'Connor, K., Ahlenstiel, G., Suppiah, V., Schibeci, S., Ong, A., Leung, R., van der Poorten, D., Douglas, M., Weltman, M., Stewart, G., Liddle, C., George, J., Booth, D. (2014). IFNL3 mediates interaction between innate immune cells: Implications for hepatitis C virus pathogenesis. Innate Immunity. 20 (6) , 598-605. [More Information]
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