PhD or Masters or Honours

Epithelial ovarian cancer is diagnosed in over 1,200 Australian women each year and has a poor long-term survival rate. Although ovarian cancer patients initially respond well to chemotherapy, most eventually recur. The aim of this project is to determine molecular signatures that are associated with drug response, ultimately to aid in the selection of treatment most likely to succeed in individual patients. The project takes advantage of several outstanding research resources including the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS) which has recruited ~2,000 patients across Australia, the GynBiobank at Westmead, bioinformatic analysis from international cohorts and newly developed ovarian cancer cell lines. The project will employ high level molecular and cell biology techniques, such as gene expression analysis (microarrays, NanoString and RNA sequencing (RNAseq)); immunohistochemistry on tumour tissue microarrays and digital image analysis; whole genome copy number analysis / genomic instability assays, gene transfection/transduction using continuously cultured cell lines; and drug screening assays.

Supervisor: Prof Anna deFazio, anna.defazio@sydney.edu.au