PhD or Masters or Honours

Progesterone is a master regulator of the reproductive system, and binds to the nuclear progesterone receptor (PR), regulating pleiotropic cellular functions throughout human physiology. PR action is disrupted in breast cancer, reflected in major alterations in PR interactions with genomic DNA. The aims of this project are to explore the drivers of PR binding in the normal breast and breast cancer and to investigate novel proteins that collaborate with PR at the genomic level to remodel the chromatin environment of progesterone regulated genes. The project will involve the use of a range of high-level molecular and cell biology techniques, including transfection/transduction and live cell imaging of primary and continuous cell lines; confocal analysis of subnuclear localisation; chromatin immunoprecipitation coupled to massively parallel sequencing (ChIP-seq); gene expression analysis, including whole genome microarray and RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), and DNA accessibility mapping by ATAC-seq.

Supervisor: Dr. Dinny Graham, dinny.graham@sydney.edu.au