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In each issue of Discovery, you will read information about some of WIMR’s recent research discoveries, as well as an in-depth look at one of our pioneering research projects. You will meet our dedicated researchers and staff, as well as people whose lives have been changed or even saved by WIMR’s research, and those who provide essential philanthropic support.

Issue 02, Autumn 2020
In this issue:
Read about how, for more than 20 years, Professor Anna deFazio and Dr Dinny Graham have worked side by side at WIMR, united in their daily fight against deadly cancers.

Dr Graham introduces us to her PROSPER-2 project that aims to provide cost-efficient access to a test that helps identify the most effective treatment option for each person diagnosed with breast cancer, giving them the best chance of a cancer-free future.

Allie Thackray shares her story about being diagnosed with MS and the Galston 500 - the annual fundraising event she spearheads, raising funds for WIMR's MS research.

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Issue 01, Summer 2019
In this issue:
Read about a research project that aims to use stem cells to regenerate human heart muscle.

Find out how collaboration is at the heart of success for two of WIMR’s lead cardiac researchers, Associate Professors Eddy Kizana and James Chong.

Enjoy an exclusive one-on-one interview with WIMR’s incoming Executive Director, Professor Philip O’Connell.

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