Our mission

Improving health for people in Western Sydney and beyond.

Our vision

To tackle the most important health issues by progressing our scientific discoveries into cures and preventions that improve global health.

Tackling the world's biggest health issues

The Westmead Institute holds a pre-eminent position in health and medical research in New South Wales and Australia. We are one of Australia’s  leading medical research institutes and we continue to grow as a world leader in medical research, contributing to national and global research efforts.

We are tackling the world’s biggest health issues. Our researchers are leaders in breast and ovarian cancer, melanoma, leukaemia, diabetes, HIV and other infectious diseases, multiple sclerosis, kidney and liver diseases, heart and respiratory diseases, and mental health.

Our research is multi-disciplinary and is organised across five research themes: cancer; cardio-respiratory; infection and immunity; liver and metabolic; and neuroscience and vision. Our research strengths span basic, translational and clinical research. The breadth and depth of our research means we can combine skills and knowledge in novel ways, leading to new discoveries.

Many of our researchers are clinicians at Westmead Hospital. This crucial relationship between our Institute and the hospital allows us to understand patient needs and the health issues that affect our community. This ‘bench to bedside’ approach ensures that our research discoveries are translated into better medical care for patients, changing the future of health in our local communities and across the world.

We are also closely affiliated with the University of Sydney and most senior researchers hold titles in, or are employed by, the university. We are also a core member of the Westmead Research Hub, comprising three institutes, Westmead and Children’s Hospital research divisions, NSW Health Pathology research and the University of Sydney.

     Westmead is one of the world's largest health and medical research precincts.

Western Sydney will continue to grow as a health leader in New South Wales and across Australia. An innovation district is being built around the Westmead precinct – with expertise in health, medical research and education – to provide high quality jobs and attract the young people of Western Sydney to medical science. We are proud to have a central role in achieving this grand vision, which will continue to deliver world class health care for decades to come.