The Centre for Heart Research conducts research to find cures for common heart conditions and prevent people from dying of cardiac disease.

Despite major advances in the treatment of cardiac disease, heart problems are still the leading cause of mortality in Australia. Cardiac disease affects about 1.4 million people in this country, and about 350,000 people will have a heart attack at some point in their lives.

Our research aims to reduce this unacceptable burden by addressing two of the major problems encountered by cardiac patients: sudden death after electrical instability of the heart, and death and morbidity from heart failure after a heart attack.

Diseases we research

  • Heart attack
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Arrhythmia
  • Bradycardias

Our research themes include:

The Centre conducts both basic and clinical research. It has two central research themes:-

  1. Using stem cells and other novel methods to repair the injured heart
  2. Using genes or genetic material to replace cardiac devices for the treatment of heart rhythm problems.

Our researchers are primarily practising cardiologists at Westmead Hospital. Our firsthand experience of the limitations of existing treatments and technology drives us to develop innovative new therapies, and our discoveries have direct relevance to patients.