March 6, 2009  Print

The NSW Government will provide $30 million in additional funding towards the development of a new building for the Westmead Millennium Institute that will consolidate a major health knowledge asset for the people of Western Sydney.

Premier Nathan Rees made the announcement last night at the Westmead Millennium Institute fundraising dinner at Darling Harbour. Minister for Science and Medical Research Jodi McKay said the funding is a major boost for the new development and adds to $8 million and land already provided by the Government.

“The total amount committed for the project now comes to about $89 million with contributions from the Commonwealth Government, Australian Cancer Research Foundation and Millennium Foundation fundraising,” Ms McKay said.

“The new facilities will bring together all of the Westmead Millennium Institute into one location and has the capacity for more than 600 additional staff.

“The new facilities are to be located adjacent to the Children’s Medical Research Institute and the Kerry Packer Institute for Child Health.”

Ms McKay said the proposed development will house high technology centres in genomics, proteomics, cell imaging and flow cytometry.

“The Westmead Millennium Institute has a strong commitment to cancer research and leads international biomedical, population health research and clinical research.

“The Westmead Millennium Institute has grown rapidly in the past five years increasing its research productivity from $5 million to $20 million and expanding its staff from 150 to 450,” Ms McKay said.

“The new building will open up high-tech equipment and facilities to more than 900 researchers and save around $1.5 million each year that could be better spent on research itself.

“It is anticipated that site works on the new building will commence in mid 2010 with major construction commencing in January 2011.

“This implementation phase could create up to 375 jobs and the site could be operational by late in 2012.”

The NSW Government has also lent its support to Westmead Millennium’s application to the Commonwealth Health and Hospitals Fund for further funding towards the development of the new Westmead Millennium Institute building.

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