October 25, 2016  Print

Westmead Institute researchers Professor Jacob George and Associate Professor Sarah Palmer have both received a new Award for Outstanding Research from the University of Sydney.

A/Prof Sarah Palmer, Prof Tony Cunningham & Prof Jacob George
A/Prof Sarah Palmer, Prof Tony Cunningham & Prof Jacob George


A highlight of Research Week (October 24-28) at the University, the prestigious awards were presented at the inaugural Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in the Great Hall.

The new program expands on existing award schemes already in place at the University, recognising and bringing visibility to exceptional performance in research, education and professional service. 

Professor George and A/Prof Palmer were judged on the excellence, novelty and distinctiveness of their research, as well as the cumulative impact of their respective research over time.

A/Prof Palmer, who is leading research at The Westmead Institute into a possible cure for HIV, said her award belonged to all the participants who enrolled in clinical trials and donated samples to the research.

“I also want to share this award with my present and former research groups – they’ve supported all the work which is being recognised.”

In receiving his award, Professor George echoed the comments. 

“This award belongs in full measure to the team at the Storr Liver Centre,” he said.

Under Professor George’s leadership, the SLC at The Westmead Institute has made considerable progress towards understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that drive liver diseases and liver cancer, with the ultimate goal of developing effective preventive strategies or treatments that cure the disease.