May 26, 2016  Print

Researchers from The Westmead Institute for Medical Research were among those highlighted at Sydney Medical School’s annual Celebratory Dinner on May 24.

Mental health researcher Associate Professor Anthony Harris from The Westmead Institute
Associate Professor Anthony Harris

Associate Professor Anthony Harris and Professor David Harris were recognised for their outstanding contributions to medical research in Australia, as well as their contributions to academia and service to the community.

Associate Professor Anthony Harris, who is Co-director of the Institute’s Brain Dynamics Centre, was awarded the 2016 Professor J A Young Medal in recognition of his excellence in research and teaching and exemplary service to the Sydney Medical School and Sydney University.

Anthony is a prominent researcher in the area of psychosis and severe mood disorders, especially in young people. His work is contributing to the understanding of functional neurological changes in psychotic illness and has led to advances in treatments.

Professor David Harris received a Distinguished Professorial Award, which recognises sustained achievements in research, teaching, learning and service to Sydney Medical School, the university and the profession.

Professor Harris is Associate Dean and Head of Sydney Medical School (Westmead), The University of Sydney. He is Director of the Renal Failure Laboratory in the Centre for Transplantation and Renal Research, The Westmead Institute, and is a nephrologist at Westmead Hospital.

David’s major clinical and research interests include progressive chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis. His laboratory interests are focused on pathogenesis of and novel therapies for progressive CKD.

The Westmead Institute’s Executive Director, Professor Tony Cunningham said, “Both researchers have played a prominent role in academic life and research in the Westmead precinct. We are proud to have both as members of The Westmead Institute.”

“The rise of the Brain Dynamics Centre in The Westmead Institute as a vibrant research centre in psychiatric disorders is a great tribute to the leadership of Anthony, together with his colleagues Mayuresh Korgaonkar and Richard Bryant,” Professor Cunningham said.

“David Harris is an internationally renowned scientist in the pathogenesis of kidney disease, as recognised by his upcoming presidency of the International Nephrology Society. He has been a great leader on the Westmead precinct and has contributed to the collaborative nature of research between hospital, university and institute, which is now underpinning the redevelopment and expansion of the precinct including in research and education.”