August 22, 2019  Print

How can we repair a broken heart? Our researchers can tell you.


On Tuesday 24 September, we are hosting a ‘Meet the Researcher Seminar’ on heart research, featuring presentations from Associate Professor James Chong and Associate Professor Eddy Kizana, Co-Directors of the Centre for Heart Research, and Group Leaders of the Cardiac Regeneration Group and Cardiac Gene Therapy Group respectively.


The Cardiac Regeneration Group is pioneering research into the use of stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged heart muscle. The research could help reduce rates of heart failure, and potentially eliminate the need for heart transplants following heart attack.

The Cardiac Gene Therapy Group is leading research into the development of a biological ‘pacemaker’, that could help correct abnormal heart rhythm, and prevent sudden death from heart rhythm problems.


The Meet the Researcher Seminar not only gives you the opportunity to hear the latest research updates from our Centre for Heart Research, but to ask questions from leading cardiac researchers and clinicians.

The Seminar is free to attend, but registration is essential. Click here to register or use the form below. Registrations close 18 September.