August 5, 2019  Print

On Thursday, 1 August 2019, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) was honoured to welcome Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC, Governor of New South Wales, as part of a tour of the Westmead Research Hub.

The Vice Regal couple were greeted by members of the Westmead Research Hub Executive. 

Her Excellency and Mr Dennis Wilson were greeted by Professor Tony Cunningham AO, WIMR’s Executive Director, and members of the Westmead Research Hub Executive. The group then explored the WIMR building, learning about the collaborative approach to research that has been embraced across the Westmead Precinct. Xin (Maggie) Wang also explained how the Hub shares technology and some of the truly cutting-edge research technology approaches being used by Westmead’s scientists.
During her time at WIMR, the Governor and Mr Wilson also heard from WIMR researchers about some of the research in progress that has the potential to positively impact global health outcomes. 

Professor Anna deFazio, Director of WIMR’s Centre for Cancer research spoke about the INOVATe research study that is working to identify how individual ovarian cancer patients will respond to new personalised medicine clinical trials, based on the genetic profile of the patient and their specific tumour.  Her Excellency and Mr Wilson were also introduced to a social worker who coordinates cancer support groups and two patients who are currently participating in clinical trials at The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre at Westmead, to gain insight into their experiences.

Her Excellency met with Associate Professor James Chong, Co-Director of WIMR’s Centre for Heart Research, and Postdoctoral Research Associate Rob Hume. They explained their research that aims to show that new heart muscle, grown from stem cells, could help repair damaged heart muscle, preventing heart failure and potentially eliminating the need for heart transplant.

Professor Sarah Palmer, Deputy Director of WIMR’s Centre for Virus Research met with the Vice Regal

Professor Sarah Palmer discussed her research into HIV with the Vice Regal couple.

couple and spoke passionately about her research into HIV, and particularly, her project that is uncovering how HIV survives in the body, despite drug therapies.

The Governor and Mr Wilson’s visit to WIMR finished with a light lunch and the opportunity to speak in depth with the Westmead Research Hub Executive about its work, and the opportunities ahead.

Professor Tony Cunningham, WIMR Executive Director and the Executive Chair of the Westmead Research Hub said, “We are truly honoured that Her Excellency chose to visit the Westmead Research Hub, and delighted to welcome Her Excellency and Mr Wilson to WIMR.  I am grateful that Her Excellency and Mr Wilson recognise the vital importance of medical research, and were so supportive of the outstanding research work and people here at Westmead.”

We thank Her Excellency and Mr Wilson for visiting us yesterday, and we look forward to welcoming them to WIMR again soon.