October 6, 2021  Print

WIMR is delighted to announce a partnership with Australia’s oldest established jewellery house, Fairfax & Roberts, who is shining a light on medical research through a stunning piece of jewellery.

Today, this exciting new collaboration sees the launch of a bespoke white diamond and black spinel bracelet set in rhodium-plated sterling silver. Titled ‘Taia’, the bracelet is available for purchase from today, with profits from sales donated to WIMR.

 Why Taia?

The name Taia, derives from Greek mythology. Theia, is the Titan goddess of light and the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems with their brilliance and intrinsic value. Theia is also the mother of the sun, moon and dawn.

The meaning behind the collection title resonates deeply with the work WIMR carries out, being the light and hope that medical research and related discoveries and improvements in patient care, brings about in many people’s lives, while also reflecting the partnership with jewellery house, Fairfax & Roberts.

The Taia bracelet design was crafted by Fairfax & Roberts Head of Production, Rebekah Schembri, after her visit to the WIMR facility where she had the fortunate opportunity to meet with some of our amazing researchers and witnessed first-hand the working laboratories where breakthrough science is developed.

As Fairfax & Roberts Managing Director, Irene Deutsch says, “You don’t have to be a scientist to help save lives. By purchasing one of the Taia bracelets, you can make a significant contribution to WIMR’s life saving work, with profits from each and every bracelet sold being directed to WIMR’s research. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone and everyone to play a part in supporting and delivering hope, happiness and light through science.
You can own a Taia bracelet, and support medical research.

If you, or someone you know, would love to see the Taia bracelet on their wrist, it is available for purchase from today. The bracelet retails for $990 and can be ordered from www.fairfaxandroberts.com.au