February 18, 2021  Print

Congratulations to WIMR's Professors Tony Cunningham, Sarah Palmer, and team, who have received a COVID-19 Research Grant from NSW Health.

The grant will allow them to work on the development of new tests to evaluate how long, following infection and vaccination, COVID-19 immunity lasts, and the level of immunity.

Professor Cunningham says, now that we have COVID-19 vaccines on the way that will be effective in most of the population, one of the next big questions is: How long will vaccines offer protection?

"We know that reinfection from COVID-19 can occur, so it is also important to determine the period of immunity following the illness, as well as following immunisation, especially in frontline workers and vulnerable people, like the ageing."

Professor Cunningham and his team aim to develop new tests for white T cell (blood cells that fight disease) immunity for COVID-19, as well as measuring immunity.

To find out more about Professors Cunningham's and Palmers research, visit: