Dr Benjamin Tang is the Group Leader of the Precision Genomics in Intensive Care Medicine Group.

Dr Benjamin Tang is an Associate Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, University of Sydney. He is a critical care physician and is the head of the Nepean Genomic Research Group at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Nepean Hospital.

Dr Benjamin Tang received his medical training at Sydney Medical School. He is a Fellow of College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand. He received his clinical epidemiology training at the School of Public Health, University of Sydney. He had published several highly cited systemic reviews and meta-analyses in Lancet, Lancet Infectious Diseases and Critica Care Medicine. Upon completion of his study at School of Public Health, he went on to undertake PhD work in the laboratory of geneticist Ian Dawes. His research in the genomic study of sepsis led to him receiving the NHMRC Post-doctoral fellowship. During his post-doctoral years, he worked with immunogeneticist David Booth to investigate the immune response of influenza infection.


Infection and Immunological Conditions

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Infection and Immunity

Research Focus

Precision genomics in infectious diseases

Influenza infection


Immunology of critical illness