I am a senior staff specialist at Westmead Hospital, and Clinical Associate Professor in Medicine for the University of Sydney. 

Research focus

My research aims to identify and solve problems related to people with chronic kidney disease. This is done using several strategies, including benchside scientific work, analysis of data from observational studies and registries, and clinical trials.

Current directions in my research include:

- Evaluating the benefits and harms of using technology to optimise health in people with chronic kidney disease

- Identifying ways of helping people with chronic kidney disease during pregnancy

- Identifying molecular mechanisms for progression of chronic kidney disease and its most significant extrarenal complication - cardiovascular disease.


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chronic kidney disease, digital health, preeclampsia, vascular calcification

Clinical Specialty


Other Affiliations

Academic lead, University of Sydney

Clinical Lead, Renal Pregnancy services, Westmead Hospital

Director of Dialysis, Norwest Private Hospital


MBBS (first class honours), The University of Sydney, 1995
FRACP 2005
PhD, The University of Sydney, 2010