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  • Breukelaar, I., Antees, C., Grieve, S., Foster, S., Gomes, L., Williams, L., Korgaonkar, M. (2017). Cognitive control network anatomy correlates with neurocognitive behavior: A longitudinal study. Human Brain Mapping. 38 (2) , 631-643. [More Information]
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  • Yu, T., Korgaonkar, M., Grieve, S. (2017). Gray Matter Atrophy in the Cerebellum´┐ŻEvidence of Increased Vulnerability of the Crus and Vermis with Advancing Age. Cerebellum. 16 (2) , 388-397. [More Information]

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  • Kozlowska, K., Griffiths, K., Foster, S., Linton, J., Williams, L., Korgaonkar, M. (2017). Grey matter abnormalities in children and adolescents with functional neurological symptom disorder. NeuroImage: Clinical. 15 , 306-314. [More Information]

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  • Goldstein-Piekarski, A., Korgaonkar, M., Green, E., Suppes, T., Schatzberg, A., Hastie, T., Nemeroff, C., Williams, L. (2016). Human amygdala engagement moderated by early life stress exposure is a biobehavioral target for predicting recovery on antidepressants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). 113 (42) , 11955-11960. [More Information]
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  • Dobson-Stone, C., Polly, P., Korgaonkar, M., Williams, L., Gordon, E., Schofield, P., Mather, K., Armstrong, N., Wen, W., Sachdev, P., et al (2013). GSK3B and MAPT polymorphisms are associated with grey matter and intracranial volume in healthy individuals. PloS One. 8 (8) , 1-7. [More Information]
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  • Grieve, S., Korgaonkar, M., Clark, C., Williams, L. (2011). Regional heterogeneity in limbic maturational changes: Evidence from integrating cortical thickness, volumetric and diffusion tensor imaging measures. NeuroImage. 55 (3) , 868-879. [More Information]
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