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  • Gatt, J., Burton, K., Grasby, K., Routledge, K., Korgaonkar, M., Grieve, S., Schofield, P., Harris, A., Clark, C., Williams, L. (2018). A negative association between brainstem pontine grey-matter volume, well-being and resilience in healthy twins. Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience. 43 (5) , 170125.
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  • Kozlowska, K., Spooner, C., Palmer, D., Harris, A., Korgaonkar, M., Scher, S., Williams, L. (2018). Motoring in idle": The default mode and somatomotor networks are overactive in children and adolescents with functional neurological symptoms". NeuroImage: Clinical. 18 , 730-743. [More Information]

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  • Yu, T., Korgaonkar, M., Grieve, S. (2017). Gray Matter Atrophy in the Cerebellum´┐ŻEvidence of Increased Vulnerability of the Crus and Vermis with Advancing Age. Cerebellum. 16 (2) , 388-397. [More Information]
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  • Goldstein-Piekarski, A., Korgaonkar, M., Green, E., Suppes, T., Schatzberg, A., Hastie, T., Nemeroff, C., Williams, L. (2016). Human amygdala engagement moderated by early life stress exposure is a biobehavioral target for predicting recovery on antidepressants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). 113 (42) , 11955-11960. [More Information]
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  • Korgaonkar, M., Williams, L., Song, C., Usherwood, T., Grieve, S. (2014). Diffusion tensor imaging predictors of treatment outcomes in major depressive disorder. British Journal of Psychiatry. 205 (4) , 321-328. [More Information]
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