Novel treatment targets in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

We have identified and patented a novel gene determinant of chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer and we are in the process of screening drug libraries to identify classes of agents that target this resistance pathway.

Molecular characterisation of low-grade serous ovarian cancer

Low-grade serous cancer is a subtype of ovarian cancer that often occurs in younger women and is resistant to chemotherapy. We are using next-generation sequencing to characterise activating mutations that can be targeted by novel pathways inhibitors.

Identification of molecular markers of response to endocrine treatment and chemotherapy

We are using a range of techniques including RNAseq and PCR arrays to identify markers that will assist in the selection of treatment for relapsed disease in ovarian cancer.

Application of molecular testing in the clinical environment

INOVATe (Individualised Ovarian Cancer Treatment through Integration of Genomic Pathology into Multidisciplinary Care) is a program of research aimed at implementing extensive molecular characterisation of ovarian tumours in a routine clinical setting to triage patients into novel clinical trials of targeted agents.