Group Leader

Melanoma Oncology Stream Leader

  • Matteo Carlino

Senior Research Scientist

  • Elizabeth Holland

Project and Business Manager

  • Helen Schmid

Clinical Research Fellow

  • Jenny Lee

Post Doctoral Researchers

  • Gulietta Pupo
  • Varsha Tembe
  • Sarah-Jane Schramm

PhD Students

  • Gayathri St George

Biobanking Manager

  • Kataraina Whitbourne

Biospecimen Manager

  • Svetlana Pianova

IT consultant

  • Leo Raudonikis

Administrative Assistant

  • Nidia Mendonca


Professor Graham Mann

Professor Graham Mann

Professor of Medicine, Westmead Clinical School; Co-Director. Centre for Cancer Research, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research
Melanoma Research Group
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