• We have developed a novel protocol for harvesting human adult cardiac stem/progenitor cells from a large existing tissue bank. We are characterising these human cardiac stem/progenitor cells in aged and diseased states. Ongoing projects will continue this characterisation in in vitro and in vivo models.
  • We are investigating the effects of recombinant human Platelet Derived Growth Factor to rejuvenate and stimulate cardiac stem/progenitor cells in a pre-clinical model of myocardial infarction. This collaborative project (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Kolling Institute, Charles Perkins Centre, Hunter Medical Research Institute) involves sophisticated imaging modalities including cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in established clinically relevant in vivo models of heart injury.
  • Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (PSC) have greater cardiomyogenic ability than other characterised Adult Stem Cell types. We are investigating ways to enhance the ability of human PSC derived cardiomyocytes to repair the injured heart.
  • We are collaborating with industry partner Cynata Therapeutics to investigate Human Pluripotent Stem Cell derived Mesenchymogangipblasts as another potential therapeutic for cardiac regeneration.
  • We are investigating novel ways to use tissue engineering (including 3-D printing) to enhance heart regeneration and disease modelling.
  • We are using novel techniques including Imaging Mass Cytometery and High Dimesional Flow Cytometry/Cell-sorting to better understand cardiac disease processes and develop cardiac regenerative therapies.