Cystic fibrosis is the most common inherited disorder in Australia, and is caused by mutations on the CFTR gene. Dysfunction of CFTR affects ion and fluid transport in the lungs, liver, gut and pancreas.

We have a long track record of research into cystic fibrosis. Associate Professor Peter Middleton developed the nasal potential difference test using non-invasive techniques to measure the airway ion transport abnormalities in cystic fibrosis.  In addition, he has been developing other clinical and scientific approaches to address the fundamental issues in cystic fibrosis. 

Research Directions

Our group is currently investigating the physiology of the airways using the nasal potential difference technique together with the exhaled breath condensate (EBC) technique.  Better understanding of these processes will lead to new therapies to bypass the ion transport defects in cystic fibrosis as well as improved clinical treatment of patients.  In addition, the group is investigating new recording devices (SonomatTM) to identify respiratory sounds and sleep abnormalities in CF.