• Cluster-randomised controlled trial to test the effectiveness of facemasks in preventing respiratory virus infection among Hajj pilgrim (Qatar National Research Fund)
  • Comparing meningococcal carriage rates in Hajj pilgrims following polysaccharide versus conjugate meningococcal quadrivalent vaccine (GSK)
  • Multi-resistant intestinal bacteria and the Hajj (Saudi Ministry of Health)
  • NSW Public Health Pathogen Genomics Partnership Project (NSW Health)
  • Exploiting genomics to understand microevolution of pathogens during infection transmission between and within the normal, obese and immunosuppressed hosts (University of Sydney HMR+ Implementation Funding)
  • EV71 molecular epidemiology – informing vaccine effectiveness and outbreak preparedness (Marie Bashir Institute Category 1 grant)
  • Molecular epidemiology, serovar prevalence and spatiotemporal cluster analysis of Salmonella isolates in Australia: a One Health approach to zoonotic disease surveillance (Marie Bashir Institute Category 1 grant)
  • Multidrug resistant M. tuberculosis strains in Mongolia – exploring differences between typical and atypical Beijing strains (Centre of Research Excellence in Tuberculosis Control)