• DNA Barcoding of pathogenic fungi as basis for the development of novel standardised diagnostic tools.
  • Uncovering the genetic basis for fungal virulence.
  • Determination of the prevalence of virulent molecular types among the agents of Cryptococcosis in Brazil.
  • Does the Host-Pathogen-Environment Interaction Select for Pathogenicity in Cryptococcosis caused by the CNS pathogen, Cryptococcus gattii? 
  • Identification of fluconazol resistance genes in clinical Cryptococcus neoforman var. grubii isolated from Colombian AIDS patients.
  • Fungal Infections In Cystic Fibrosis patients.
  • MLST Typing of human pathogenic fungi for outbreak and nosocomial infection detection e.g. Cryptococcus neoformans, Cryptococcus gattii and Pneumocystis jirovecii.