Translational Ophthalmic Research and Immunology Consortium (TORIC), based at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR), brings together both the clinical and basic science aspects of medical research to investigate the ocular surface. The overarching goal of TORIC is to discover novel solutions to unmet needs in ophthalmology and facilitate this transition from the laboratory bench to the bedside to expedite translational research and make an impact for my patients within their lifetime. Specific mechanisms of interest are corneal immune privilege, corneal allograft survival, analyses of distinct populations of resident corneal leukocytes as well as ocular surface innervation. Current projects focus on the design and testing of anti-angiogenic eye drops using novel glycoproteins and novel glues to seal corneal perforations. Within clinical ophthalmology, current projects are delving into the role of risk stratification systems to improve case allocation for cataract surgery, better prospective data collection and synthesis systems for surgical cases and ocular trauma.

TORIC is open to collaborating with local and international medical scientists, accepting visiting scholars, and has several investigatory areas for students undertake Honours, Masters and PhD by research degrees.