Step 1. Choose a research project

Choose a postgraduate research project that you’re interested in. Visit our Current Student Opportunities page for more information. Alternatively, research opportunities can be found on the University of Sydney website

Please ensure that you meet the entry requirements for your course. 



Step 2. Contact your potential supervisor

Make contact with your potential supervisor via email. You will find the contact information of potential supervisors on our website

When contacting your potential supervisor, be sure to include your CV, academic transcript, and why you're interested in the area of research, or research project. You can expect to have a face-to-face appointment to discuss the project with your potential supervisor.



Step 3. Enrol for a PhD program

Develop and submit an initial research proposal based on what you know about the research project, its relevance and context in medical science.

Provide two academic references familiar with your study achievements.

Complete and submit an application to the University of Sydney for a PhD program.

Students applying from other universities may need a co-supervisor at their current university or approach the University of Sydney regarding course transfer.

Step 4. Arrange a start date and begin

Provide a copy of the confirmation of enrolment from the University and the offer of scholarship to the Westmead Institute.