Funding and Collaborations


  • NHMRC Project Grant ID#APP1106442:  Defining the Interaction of HIV with the Interferon System in Initial Mucosal Infection.  Cunningham AL, Harman A, Palmer S, Nasr N, Diefenbach R, Sandgren K.  2016-2020.  
  • ARC LINKAGE GRANT lpISO100314 A new platform for developing a compound against herpes simplex virus Dehghani F, Cunningham AL, Gomes V. 2016-2017.  
  • NHMRC Project Grant ID#APP1078697:  The role of dendritic cells in sexual transmission of HIV and viral reservoir formation.  Harman A, Cunningham AL. 2015-2017. 
  • NHMRC Project Grant ID# APP1061681:  Characterising latent HIV reservoirs: examining the effects of treatment initiation, cellular type and patient genetics.  Palmer, S., Hecht, F., Cunningham, A., Churchill, M., Cameron, P.  2014-2016. 
  • NHMRC Project Grant ID# APP1069193:  The mechanism of HSV-1 transport in sensory axons and its unique assembly at the axon terminus.  Cunningham, A.L., Diefenbach, R., Miranda Saksena, M.  2014-2016. $648,222.
  • NHMRC Project Grant ID# APP1050909:  Initial interactions of herpes simplex virus with innate immune cells in human skin.  Cunningham, A.L.  2013-3015.