November 19, 2018  Print

We beam with pride when we think about how much collaboration is involved in our research process. Behind the Research showcases the various teams and individuals who work outside of our labs, but nonetheless make major contributions to the success of our Institute.

Facilities Manager Dave said that making sure the Westmead Institute runs smoothly is a huge team effort.

Dave is our Facilities Manager. Since stepping into the role in 2016, Dave and his team have overseen the maintenance of all operating elements and our equipment, building disruptions, and our stores facilities.

His team can’t really plan their day ahead, as anything can happen. They manage up to 12 contractors, respond to reports of equipment faults or risks, help our critical labs function 24/7, and manage the surrounding redevelopment on a daily basis.

Needless to say, he’s a busy man!

“The building is obviously huge and we need to check a lot of areas within the building, which can be quite time consuming,” Dave said.

“My motto is ‘prepare for the worst and hope for the best’

“Thankfully, I’ve got an amazing, hardworking team behind me. Everything we do here is a huge team effort.”

Dave enjoys knowing that he and his team, including Facilities Coordinator Andrew Kruening, General Hand Trent Simpson, Stores Coordinator Mitch Burrett, and a team of cleaners, are contributing to the amazing research at WIMR

“I like knowing that my team are providing a working environment for researchers; they’re really doing some great things,” he said.

“The research here is so interesting, and I’m glad to be involved in some way.

In a previous role, Dave was involved with our Human Applications Lab (HAL).

“I helped identify defects in the HAL prior to its opening. Having the facility open and seeing the research coming out of the HAL is very exciting for me,” he said.

Dave admits that he’s very rarely not at WIMR. But, when he’s home, how does this busy bee relax?

“In my free time, I like to watch the NBA or a good movie, walk along the coast line and just relax,” he said.