December 3, 2021  Print

Fairfax & Roberts design stunning bracelet, with profits donated to WIMR’s lifesaving work.

WIMR is delighted to partner with Australia’s oldest established jewellery house, Fairfax & Roberts. The partnership features a bespoke bracelet ‘Taia’, with profits donated to WIMR’s lifesaving work.

Launching more than two decades ago, WIMR is making life-changing breakthroughs in medical research and applying these discoveries to some of the world’s most serious diseases, including: COVID-19, cancers, neurological disorders, HIV, diabetes, vision disorders, heart, kidney and liver issues and deadly viruses.

The partnership between WIMR and Fairfax & Roberts has seen the release of a bespoke black spinel and white diamond bracelet, titled ‘Taia’ with profits from the sales donated to WIMR.

The name Taia, derives from Greek mythology. Theia, is the Titan goddess of light and the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems with their brilliance and intrinsic value. Theia is also the mother of the sun, moon and dawn. The meaning behind the collection title resonates deeply with the work WIMR carries out, being the light and hope that medical research and related discoveries and improvements in patient care, brings about in many people’s lives, while also reflecting the partnership with jewellery house, Fairfax & Roberts.

Katrina Dowling, CEO of WIMR Foundation, said, “WIMR is delighted to partner with Fairfax & Roberts. From the outset, we recognised Fairfax & Roberts as a jeweller of exceptional quality with an impressive heritage, having developed bespoke, artisan jewellery to exacting standards over many years. Over its 25-year history, WIMR has delivered transformative and personalised medical treatments, again with exacting standards to improve lives. So, our union is a divine strategic fit.”

Irene Deutsch, Managing Director, Fairfax & Roberts, says, “We are delighted to partner with WIMR in an effort to raise awareness and directly support its broad research mandate.

“The extent of innovation, agility and ability to pivot to tackle new problems - for example in roads in COVID research - from the team at WIMR is world renowned. We look forward to playing our part in supporting WIMR’s prestigious and meaningful work.”

The Taia bracelet design was crafted by Fairfax & Roberts Head of Production, Rebekah Schembri, after her visit to the WIMR facility where she had the fortunate opportunity to meet with some of the amazing team of researchers and witnessed first hand the working laboratories where breakthrough science is developed.

“The knowledge that WIMR is creating hope for people who are facing a difficult time deeply resonated with me - and from this experience we chose to craft the Taia bracelet. The light form motif, crafted in black spinel and white diamonds represents that breakthrough moment, when inspiration hits, when clarity and healing is found,” said Rebekah Schembri.

“The black spinel element is a metaphor for the uncertainty felt when faced with illness, and the darkness of a life-threatening diagnosis. The bright, white light shines through the darkness, it’s strong and clear. It’s the knowledge that brilliant minds are at work, fighting the good fight for everyone in need. From the darkness, comes the light,” Schembri added.

The Taia bracelet is now on sale for $990. You can purchase yours today by clicking here, or by visiting the Fairfax & Roberts Sydney showroom, located at 19 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

The Taia collection also features one 18ct white gold bespoke, signature necklace, valued at $16,000. The pendant is crafted from black and white diamonds and sits on an 18ct white gold chain. The necklace will be donated to WIMR, and sold through a silent auction hosted on the Fairfax & Roberts website, with the winning bid to be announced at a special event held at the Fairfax & Roberts showroom in early 2022.

“You don’t have to be a scientist to help save lives. By purchasing one of the Taia bracelets, you can make a significant contribution to WIMR’s life saving work, with profits from each and every bracelet sold being directed to WIMR’s research. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone and everyone to play a part in supporting and delivering hope, happiness and light through science,” Deutsch added.