September 28, 2023  Print

Last week, WIMR was delighted to be involved in the Westmead Research and Innovation Conference 2023. It was a remarkable two days of sharing and learning.

WIMR’s rising stars shone brightly at the Conference, winning a number of Awards for their posters and presentations. 

Please join us in congratulating:
Ivy Chiang – Best Early to Mid-Career Researcher Oral Presentation
Ivy Chiang is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in WIMR’s Centre for Heart Research. 

Ivy’s winning presentation was on ex-vivo (outside an organism) cardiac slice culture, which she has established at Westmead. 
Hafsa Rana – Best Early to Mid-Career Researcher Poster
Hafsa Rana is a Postdoctoral Researcher in WIMR’s Centre for Virus Research.

Hafsa’s research follows on from her PhD, looking into the initial events that take place during Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) infection within human anogenital tissue. She has been able to show the dynamics of HSV spread within human tissue and the immune cell response during early infection, discovering new targets for future vaccines and immunotherapies against HSV.
Samantha Cronin – First place poster presentation in the Honours and Higher Degree Research Student Poster Category
Samantha Cronin is a first year PhD student in WIMR’s Centre for Virus Research.

Samantha’s project focuses on the interaction between the body’s immune response to tuberculosis (TB) and the reservoir of HIV positive cells in people who are experiencing both conditions at the same time. 
Congratulations Ivy, Hafsa and Samantha.  We are incredibly proud of you!