February 12, 2024  Print

Harry Robertson, a research student and aspiring bioinformatician studying at WIMR, has been awarded a Fulbright Future Scholarship (Postgraduate) hosted by Harvard University. This scholarship allows Harry to advance his research at Harvard University.

Harry’s Fulbright study is focused on discovering biomarkers for organ transplant health through advanced imaging. Traditional biomarkers rely on costly sequencing, often inaccessible to many. By pioneering new machine learning methods to analyse this imaging data, Harry aims to offer a universally available, non-invasive diagnostic tool for transplant recipients.

Harry says he envisions a future where healthcare decisions are guided by the wealth of data we gather on patients.  He says, “As a PhD student and Fulbright researcher in Australia, my aim is to make this vision a reality by pioneering accessible biomarkers for organ transplant health.”

Congratulations Harry.